Linda Rose, Administrator of Breast Center of Acadiana, was working at the University Of Virginia managing the Breast Program when Dr. Gary Mathews called to tell Linda about his dream to develop a comprehensive breast imaging center.  Linda had worked with Dr. Mathews for 7 years at Women’s and Children’s Hospital before moving to Virginia.  Linda always shared Dr. Mathews’ passion and spirit related to breast health/breast cancer.

    Linda agreed to move back to Louisiana to work with Dr. Mathews to help develop the highest quality, premiere center in the South.

    Dr. Mathews always had a passion for live oak trees.  He appreciated the beauty, strength and endurance.

    When trying to develop the logo for the new center several ideas were submitted by a marketing agency.  However, none of the drawings captured the spirit that they felt important to portray.

    Linda and her husband, Mark talked about the importance of the logo.  They both felt that the live oak tree was very symbolic of this amazing dream.  Mark started the search and soon presented a picture of a woman standing beneath a live oak tree with her arms lifted in triumph.    The symbolism was perfect to capture the mission/vision of a unique breast imaging center.

    The strength and beauty of the tree and the celebration of life of a breast cancer survivor says it all and truly is what the Breast Center of Acadiana represents.